Marian Febvre
My Reiki experience with you was wonderful, really unlike anything I’ve felt before.  It was total internal and external relaxation and peacefulness. Really it was quite mysterious and magical. Thank you so much for taking your personal time to give us this treat in self care.  That was very generous! –Childsafe
Reiki Guest
From the moment you meet her, Liz makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. She is easy to talk to, and great at preparing you for the reiki session. Then the reiki itself is amazing! You leave her table feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Her expert energy work has helped everything from my anxiety & stress to muscle tension & digestion. I highly recommend giving reiki from Liz a try!
Alex Swanson
A truly life changing experience! I have always been into basic massages to relieve my stress and tension. I came in for a reiki session today, only to have my mind blown at how much “weight” Liz took off of me. She has a very gentle presence and really knows what she is doing. Thank you, Liz, for the amazing reiki session today. I will definitely be back to see you!
Nathan W.
I always enjoy attending a yoga class with Liz, she has a very calm presence that helps aid my anxiety after a long week.

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